How Does Online Training Work?

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8 years of experience

About JD Collins

Hey there!

If you are reading this then it may be because your on the fence about joining, and your looking for a motivational write up i spent hours slaving over. You wont find it.

Im terrible at write ups & my spelling is worse. What i am good at though is working with my clients to achieve their goals (see what i did there? smooth ay)

Im a no bullshit trainer with a simple but effective approach to health & fitness. You supply the goal, we talk about what you like, then we build a plan together. The plan you like is the plan you will follow after all

The industry is in a terrible place right now, & many people are being taken advantage of with a plethora of fad diets, 21 day shred plans, and dont even get me started on these supplements.

So on top of your training & nutrition, I will also help you to learn the fundamentals of how this stuff all works yeah?

But only if you are interested?

See you soon :)

Level 1 - Certificate III in Fitness (Australia)
Level 2 - Certificate IV in Fitness (Australia)
AIF Nutrition Certified
Blue Card (Working with youth)
ASCA Level 1 in Strength & Conditioning

The "BIG JOHN" app was founded by the owner of "BJF" JD Collins, with the intention to provide people from all walks of life, with the ability the achieve thier health and fitness goals.

Delivering a world class service, the "BJF" app offers all things fitness!

* Training plans

* meal plans

* Before/After photos

* Track your body stats

* Track your calorie intake & view things like your Fat %, BMI, Lean body mass%